About the Event

Each month, we organize a one-hour round table meeting of global leaders, exchanging their views on a strategic theme.
We call this sequel 'Xpedition to the Source'.

The Purpose

This world is rapidly changing, and many industries require a systemic change.
Systemic change is both necessary and risky, therefore in need of courageous leaders.
Enterprises are the changemakers of this decade and their leaders live in a turbulent time. This Xpedition towards a new business reality is a difficult one, in which leaders need other leaders to exchange ideas with, to reflect on their challenges and to be inspired.

The Theme

The theme on October 12th is

'From managing shareholders to managing stakeholders'

More and more companies are realizing that shareholders are only part of their responsibility. In Europe we call this the Rhineland model, versus the Anglo-Saxon model where shareholders are the primary concern of the leadership of a company.

Stakeholders are employees, customers, neighbours, suppliers, shareholders and society as a whole. It is difficult to take all these parties into consideration. And it is difficult to explain to shareholders that they are not the only party involved.

This Xpedition tries to discover how business leaders handle this quite often difficult situation.

For the following sessions, you can expect topics like:

The influence of the SDG's

Formidable Female Leadership

The Round Table

The topic will be introduced by a well-known leader in the business community.

In our studio, we invite several opinion leaders who share their vision, experiences, and opportunities regarding the theme. Then we enter into a virtual dialogue with the roundtable. There will be a wider audience of invitees. The audience can listen to the discussion and pose questions during the event.

Round Table Guests

On October 12th we will welcome Herman Wijffels  - former Chairman of Rabobank and former Chairman of the Social Economic Council (SER).
Besides Herman Wijffels we also welcome Marcello Palazzi, Co-Founder of the growing European B Corps movement and Fou Khan Tsang, CEO of B Corp Alfa Accountants.

The previous Xpeditions we welcomed more than 15 CEOs such as:

·       Marjan Minnesma - CEO Urgenda

·       Feike Sijbesma - Honorary Chairman DSM

·       Lex Hoefsloot - CEO Lightyear

·       René Toet - CEO Carbon Neutral Group

·       Evert den Boer - CEO Enexis

·       As Tempelman - CEO Eneco



The Hosts


Leen Zevenbergen

Co-founder B Lab Europe and partner at Been Management Consulting

Mirjam Final

Mirjam Penders

Senior Manager at Been Management Consulting


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Practical Information

The Xpedition sessions are broadcasted live, in English, will be recorded and distributed by Been Management Consulting

Participating leaders will receive the video recording to use for their own purposes

Non-participating invitees can listen and watch the live discussion

After your registration, you will receive all information to participate

Time & Location

The monthly event will last one hour, during lunch break (12.30 till 13.30 CET) and will be hosted by experienced curators in our studio. We strive to have as many leaders live in the studio but realize that both due to Covid-19, busy schedules and foreign leaders, we will heavily lean on online tools.

The next sessions are on:

December 14th

January 11th


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Leen Zevenbergen

More information?

For more information send an e-mail to leen@beenmc.com or call +31 (0)20-760 2150